I recently completed four new posters for Jack’s current electrifying tour. I have a buddy who’s seen him live at least 20 times with all of his bands and he claims the performance he caught at Bonnaroo was the best of the bunch if not the best live musical performance he’s ever witnessed. He said it was as memorable as the Kennedy assassination but in a good way.

Anyways, I’ll be putting these up for sale on my site on July 30th as singles. Yep, no sets. Moving soon so I want to keep the paper stacks I have to schlep to the new house as low as possible.

On Sale Now!

The Mayan, Los Angeles, CA Wild West, Lubbock, TX Cain’s Ballroom, Tulsa, OK

Fox Theater, Pomona, CA

Thanks to Jay Shaw for help executing the Black Plague era door graffito on the Tulsa poster.

Thanks to Rush for putting out “Signals”.

Greif: 100 Self-Portraits by Rob Jones, Galerie F

Galerie F in Chicago will be putting on a show of originals and new screenprints from me. Shit’s going down on July 17th, so book your expensive flight now.

Here’s the facebook page for the event. I’ll be there with drunk bells on if you want to see me make my mother blush in person.

Here’s a few examples of the work that will be there.


Well, I’ve seen the album cover revealed on some pre-order sites so I guess it’s cool to show off now. Here’s the artwork I recently completed for Big Easy dynamo Benjamin Booker’s self titled platter.

I really like this one. Some good interior artwork I made too, but you need to buy it to find out. Per usual the CD version has slightly different interiors than the LP version.

I asked Benjamin what UPC coding he’d want for the bottom, and he replied "Cigarettes, cheap wine, and razor blades." Truly a man after my own dying heart.

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