I got the ultra rare opportunity to make a Nine Inch Nails poster through the good graces of Mark Pedini who oversees the poster series at Austin City Limits.  The poster was for the November 4th taping of Trent and company’s performance on the show.

Offering them for sale presently on the poster pages, so please email if you want a copy.

A quick plug for Mark.  He’s still making great art, but back in 2002 he made one of my favorite posters of all time (top 10 shit) for a Frogs gig at Emo’s.  Scroll way down and check it out, but good luck finding a copy.  


Had a great time in Brisbane at BIG SOUND: Music + Design.  Many thanks to Romy and company for inviting me out so I could vomit dumplings with fellow imbibers Sonny Day (of WBYK fame) and Ken Taylor.  Learned a lot of interesting things at the discussion panels, and I learned some interesting things outside the festival such as how badly chlamydia can fuck up the face of a koala bear (don't google it, it's pretty fucking harsh).

Sonny and Ken worked on a mural downtown during the day. They were kind enough to portray my feline reincarnation once my lungs finally succumb to their daily smokey battery.  My second appearance on a mural, so watch your ass, Caesar Chavez. Here’s some progress shots and images of the full piece.

my feline reincarnation


I was asked to jury rumble at this year's Key Art Awards (the Key-ees as nobody calls them).  I had to leave the room if any project I was involved in came up for discussion, but that didn’t stop my talented paisano Justin “Razor Shoe” Erickson of Phantom City Creative fame from taking a silver for his awesome Godzilla poster (where he was not allowed by the studio to actually show Godzilla).

The Tarantino Box set I art directed got a Gold, but that was determined by a different jury solely evaluating packaging design.  My jury only handled movie advertising in all its varied formats.

’Twas an honor to participate and quite a lot of fun dissecting the entrants in a chilly theater with fellow designers.  Also a great opportunity to use my new head shot kindly provided by Mondo which you can see here if you need your appetite suppressed.


The Criterion Collection blessed me with another gig.  I once again teamed up with my “Repo Man” cohort Jay Shaw to clothe the triple disc set for Robert Altman’s “Nashville”.


This one was a fucking bear, and Jay and I had our sclera turned incarnadine with a month’s worth of late nights getting it all figured out.  “Nashville” hits shelves on Dec 3, so pick one up if you want to impress your date on movie night.

Pre-order it here straight from the cow’s tit.

Gander at Jay’s other trash at his website, Kindom of Nonsense.


Here’s a creatively titled interview between Chris Jalufka and myself over at Evil Tender.  Read up and you can find out more about my future animal husbandry plans when I finally manage to afford that sprawling goat ranch  I’ve never talked about.


I keep meaning to post an image of this somewhere, so here it is.  The ever talented Nicholas Gagnon of Obliquitous Art & Design fame sculpted then gifted to me the "tear sprite" statue that features so prominently in my Raconteurs posters from the “Consolers of the Lonely” tour.  Here’s a pic of it by itself atop the head of a fellow who really needs its powers.  

Key Art Award

You should eyeball Nick’s work on his site, Obliquitous.  There’s a great dog/cat interpretation of the Rac’s song “Carolina Drama” that’s a wonder to behold.


My handsome buddy Dirty Steve of Pink Swords fame recently opened a record shop in Brooklyn with his knowledgable pal Travis Klein.  It’s called Human Head Records and I did the store logo for them.  I was generously paid in future booze next time I’m in NY, which will be soon as I’m going to catch Neil Patrick Harris as Hedwig (yeah, it’s fucking happening).

According to the many reviews of it I found on the web, it boasts a friendly helpful staff and friendly helpful prices. Next time you’re in Brooklyn and need an old platter from the Ohio Players, give Human Head Records a visit and tell them some old bald shithead sent ya.

my feline reincarnation

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